Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Island Artisan Association & Some New Pieces

I belong to The Island Artisan Association. It's a group of Vancouver Island and Gulf Island Artisans. The Association has a helpful website, monthly meetings, hosts the marvellous Gifts for Myself and Others Christmas Craft show as well as other events. This year I've signed up for the annual Photo Shoot. For $2o I'll have 5 photos taken by Bob Matheson, the photographer who photographed and digitally catalogued the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria! (I'll post more pictures of Helianthus after the shoot)

I've also booked into the Upcoming Island wholesale Craft show. Hoping to meet some new gallery and shop owners as well as fellow Island Artisans.
The combination of the upcoming Sojourn Retreat and the Wholesale Show certainly have me on my toes these days! While Helianthus was in the oven or cooling down I was able to complete these two Wallpieces. Fish #2 is 7x8" and Flowers in A Vase is 8x12".


  1. Fish # 2 is brilliant. I love the bubbles. The piece is so playful and fresh. Great work.
    Deborah Groom

  2. Both are fabulous! Such wonderful colors - makes me smile just to look at them.


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