Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Table? Back to the drawing board....and what can be found on the sidewalks of Vancouver...

Well, the table that I liked is wonderful - all sorts of wonderful little storage spots and stuff but the price is over the top- $1200! I think I can find something just as good and have cash left over to buy clay. I plan to look at a few office supply stores and if that doesn't work I'll be going over to Vancouver in February and I'll meander through IKEA for something.

On a happier note-I received a package from my nephew in Vancouver. He is an amazing guy with a passion for art. I love his way of viewing the world- he is incredibly tuned into details. He mailed me this collection of "umbrella bits" ( round pieces of pleated umbrella fabric that I assume fall out of the umbrellas when they are opened for the first time) He says he finds them on the sidewalks in Vancouver. He picks them up washes them and amassed this collection. he has challenged me to use them in a mixed media project!

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  1. Wahhh no new table! The umbrella bits are curious. I wonder how you will use them.



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