Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winterfest- A Claynadian Tradition

Here in Canada we have a National Online Polymer Clay Group- Clayamies. It's a close knit collection of polymer clay artists. Each year we get together online and celebrate Winterfest- a cyber party! In spite of vast distances between us and time zone shifts of 3 hours (sad to say no Maritimers were able to join us this year) we partied for several hours last night. We lit candles to begin the festivities, exchanged gifts, sipped assorted beverages, relished snacks and laughed for hours. Before Winterfest began each of us had written a list of wishes for the upcoming new year and we had a little ceremony where we all burned our wishes-sending them up to the sky....

I have a gift for any Canadians reading this- you are invited to join Clayamies! Go to our website at http://www.clayamies.com/ & follow the links to become a member. You can also find links to regional guilds.
Here are photos of some of the gifts that were exchanged. Kudos to all and honourable mention goes to Canada Post!
Snowflake by Vanessa Betcher
Wire legged (& hard to photograph) vessel by Gera Scott Chandler
Stemware charms by Georgia Ferrell
Bottle by Kristine Ovens
Dragon by Tina Holden

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  1. I wish I could be an honorary Canadian. It sounds like you all have such a fun time with Winterfest.


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