Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Arbutus Heading to Synergy 2

Yesterday I hauled out a big cardboard box and a few meters of bubble wrap to pack up "Arbutus", my mixed media polymer clay collage for her trip to Baltimore for the Polymer Clay Association Synergy 2 Conference Arbutus will be in the Exhibition which you can view online in case you aren't able to go to Baltimore. The package is laden with documentation and awaits Canada Post "FRAGILE" stickers and postage stamps. It's be hard to part with her into the hands of Canada Post and the USPS as she sets off on her cross continent adventure! Please handle with CARE!


  1. Our paths cross yet again! I live two houses off North Charles Street at the very North end of the city! I'm going to have to check that Exhibition out...I love the piece you are sending to the exhibition. I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses yards of bubble wrap every time I nervously send a beloved piece on its way!

  2. Hi Lisa- amazing that we meet in OWOH and here is this art piece on its way to a destination so close to where you live- the Blogosphere has a way of whittling away the miles as well as adding a remarkable dash of serendipity at times!



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