Monday, February 22, 2010

Are YOU Going to the International Polymer Clay Artists Association Synergy Conference? Here's a Polymer Clay Challenge!

The excitement must be building in Baltimore as final preparations are made for Synergy! While I can't be there, my polymer clay mixed media collage "Arbutus" is! I was so relieved to have word that she has cleared customs and has arrived at the hotel. I'd love a bloggable photo of Arbutus in Baltimore so I have a little challenge for anyone attending Synergy- the first person who sends me a jpg of Arbutus on the wall beside other pieces in the the Collaboration Exhibition will win one of my BeachStone Bracelets! Send your image to
The contest begins on Wednesday, February 24!
Pass this link on to anyone you know with a ticket for Synergy and a penchant for playing my polymer version of The Amazing Race!

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