Monday, February 8, 2010

the Island Artisan Wholesale Show- Polymer Clay BeachStone Jewellery

I was at the Vancouver Island Artisans Association Wholesale Show yesterday. I launched my new BeachStone jewellery collection for 2010 as well as my completely redesigned booth! It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new merchants, say hello to good friends and receive much valued feedback on my work.
Here's the BeachStone Collection! Here is the new booth.


  1. I love the design of your stand. Are those photos of your work on the walls?

  2. '''''hi Kylee- yes- I took closeup shots of the work and put them on the walls.


  3. Gera, your beachstone collection is awesome and I enjoy seeing your booth setup - looks great!


  4. Your beach stone collection is so fabulous! We stayed at the Sooke Harbor House on our Honeymoon in 1997.. they didn't have a gift shoppe at that time though I have many stones I brought back from Sook and Vancouver. At that time you could still get on a plane with a bag of rocks.

  5. Congratulations, the booth looks great and the jewelry is beautiful. Hope you do well!


    PS. I think of you each night as I turn on the Olympics. Are you able to get to any of the events?

  6. Hi Lorrie- I live on Vancouver Island, a 90 minute ferry ride from Vancouver. I'm having a wonderful time watching the action on TV far from all the line ups... Victoria has a counter tourism campaign to the Olympics- "Calm on over"... :-)

    We were all celebrating last night when Canada won gold tho!


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