Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tumbling Polymer Clay BeachStones

My main job this weekend (as the TV is set to the Olympics- Go Canada!) is to make a huge supply of BeachStones for Strands and Bracelets. This morning I emptied a nice supply from my tumbler and thought I'd document the process and share my method.
Here's my well worn tumbler. One day I'll re-locate the screw top knob, but it works just fine without it! The tumbler is filled to the halfway point with polymer clay beachstones, water, a squirt of dishsoap and fine beach sand, in my case collected from Willows Beach in Victoria. It's been tumbling for 24 hours. This method works very well for Polymer Clay BeachStones which should be smooth but not glossy. If you are polishing beads that need to be satin smooth or glossy it might be interesting to experiment with pumice or another fine polishing medium.
I empty the murky looking water and BeachStones into a collander that's sitting in a large bowl.
I lift the collander from the bowl and shake out the sand...
then a final rinse- the bowl is catching extra sand...
...and the Beachstones are ready.

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  1. Gera,
    i'll be watching.. i love your beachstone it for sale somewhere?

  2. Hi Lisa- thanks for visiting the blog! My BeachStone pieces are for sale at various stores in BC. I have recently placed work in they haven't set up the artist info page yet but you can email them to order from there.

    I will be re-stocking my Etsy Shop next week too!


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