Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Look For The End Of The Year

I'm in transition and felt that a shakeup with the blog would be symbolic so here's a new blog layout. If I had time I'd figure out how to do this by myself using my own photography but I really appreciate the availability of free layouts like the ones on Pysam.
I'll be designing a new version of my header when I have devised what I'm doing. If I sound confused- I AM! I have a lot of ideas- the idea of niches is especially intriguing. Perhaps combining niches with moxie like women in pendants and brooches.
A niche depicting Cocidius- it was found near Newcastle upon Tyne- where I was born! 
Or combining a sculptural wall piece with a removable brooch- but how to make the connection?.... and then there's the idea of my hope to make every piece  one of a kind and not doing any sort of production lines but then I must consider marketability- after all, aMused Studio is supposed to be a business.
So I end 2010 on a discombobulated note and even though it's daunting, I'm excited- especially as I look forward to so many new experiences with the metal clay and silversmithing workshops I have lined up!


  1. Hey Gera great colours in the new blog background!

  2. I, too, have been very disjointed in my creative pursuits as of late. I can so empathize with your confusion and overkill of ideas. The overkill tends to shut me down. Let's both hang in there for the New Year's possibilities. We shall both go forward with well intended creativity.


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