Thursday, December 16, 2010

Research - Metal Clay & Seasonal Fun!

Along with all the seasonal festivities I'm in metal clay research mode! I'm Googling for workshops that can connect with my travel plans for next year- especially when I'm in Southern Ontario for the Morrisberg Polymer Clay Gathering at the beginning of April. I did a great trade with my friend Vanessa and received a tantalizing pile of the 2009 issues of Art Jewelry. (Thanks V!) I also joined theYahoo Metal Clay Gallery Group. My sketchbook is filling with all sorts of ideas for 2011. It's an interesting situation for me because I don't have any metal clay to work with.  I decided to wait until after the holidays to get serious with ordering supplies. Usually I have polymer clay at hand and when I have inspiration I leap up and do it! Not having the materials is making this research time much more "academic" which is probably a very good thing.

Seasonal Fun? How about  lunch with good creative friends today and the annual Clayamies Winterfest Chat on Monday- Canadian Clayers from coast to coast to coast chatting and partying in MSN - always a great time!
Today's eye candy is a card my daughter designed for Victoria Opportunities for Community Youth Leadership and a window she painted at a local Subway Restaurant!

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  1. Talented like her Mum, I see!

    A lot of metal clay folks test their ideas in polymer first. Maybe you could do that while you're waiting for your supplies.


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