Monday, December 20, 2010

Some Eye Canady

Today  I'm showcasing  the work of some Canadian metal clay artists. I'm doing a lot of web image surfing, reading metal clay books and generally overloading my brain with ideas. I'm not doing any hands on work- I'm low on polymer clay and I have no metal clay not to mention I just had a spa manicure that would look nice through the holiday week.... that dull melty effect your nail polish gets after claying is just nasty. I digress.
I joined Metal Clay Gallery a huge Yahoo group for metal clay artists and there, as this month's featured artist was a Canadian- Guelph's Suzanne McNenly  her framed miniatures and elegant jewelry are a delight! 

After joining the group I "met"  Zahava Lambert  who is based in Toronto. 

BOTH of these talented women offer classes!

There's a discussion in the group about developing a Canadian based metal clay group- if you're interested, let me know. 
Back to the books and YouTube demos.....


  1. Hi Gera,

    Have you seen our magazine before?

    I think you will find it inspiring...And it is Canadian (made in Merrickville, ON)!

    We'd like to get Canadians to connect and showcase their work more. We know there is a lot of talent out there but people seem to be shy about coming forward, so if there is something we can do to help you facilitate connections, let us know!



  2. Here's the link for Metal Clay artists Magazine-

  3. Beautiful collection of Canadian Artist's work Gera. I especially love the 'Picture Day' piece! I would love to add metal clay to my knowledge but I'm afraid if I add anything more right now I'll implode. (I suppose that would be better than exploding... would probably just leave polymer shrapnel embedded in the walls! lol)

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your newly manicured nails! :-)

  4. Ohh Beautiful pieces, I have seen Sue McNenley's work previously and just loooove it! So intricate and detailed! This is another medium I'd love to try too! Merry Christmas Gera!


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