Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sassafras Art Clay Workshop- WOW!

My first art clay silver pendants
Yesterday I took the Sassafras Art Studio Introduction to Art Clay Silver Workshop. It was time very well spent! Tiffany is an excellent teacher and I believe I have improved my skills since my first attempt in 2001. The class was held at the Victoria Art Glass Studio which has a large well lit studio space and is minutes away from a mall so while our work was firing we were able to get some shopping done! (The Art Glass Studio kiln is available for art clay firing for a modest fee.)
There were three of us in the class so instruction was personalised and effective.
Tiffany- art clay instructor extrordinaire!
Deborah and Christine - good company!
Here I am waiting for clay to dry on a warming tray
Pieces before the firing (1200 F for 30min 
Deborah's pendants
Christine's pendants


  1. These are so gorgeous...I love them

  2. O, you made so great pendants! I've never try PMC. But seems to be fun! My only concern about it is how to firing new peaces without a kiln.

  3. I've found out that I'll be able to fire the pieces with a blowtorch or on the top of my gas stove!



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