Friday, December 10, 2010

Polymer Clay/ Metal Clay Books - win a PRIZE!- contest is closed- Tina won!

My 2010 Book List (under the Etsy shop in the column to the right of this text) is approaching completion. I'm hoping to get one or two more books read before the new year. The last book I read was on a Kindle which is a new experience but now I've stopped reaching to turn a paper page and I'm quite comfortable with it. The best thing about an e-reader is the increased space I have in my bags when I travel. It's also good that I don't need to buy a new bookshelf for the 2011 collection!

A Kindle is fine for novels but I draw the line at art books! I have a couple of on my Christmas Wish List. They are: 

Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet: Making Designer Metal Jewelry  


 Making Connections: A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed-Media Artists

I'm interested in other suggestions for Polymer Clay,  Metal clay or Assemblage Art Jewelery and am inviting suggestions in the comments section of this blog. If you have problems posting a comment just email me and I'll add the suggestion for others to see. There's a prize for participating! A new in- wrapper  Fall/Winter copy of Studio- Craft and Design in Canada . I'll do a draw on December 18!


  1. I'll only play if Brandon gets to do the draw? Shy K

  2. Sure ShyK- we can do that! you are certainly winning so far.....
    What's your suggestion?


  3. I know you already have these (at least 1 of them) books but, my choices would be "The Polymer Clay Techniques Book" or the "400 Polymer Clay Designs" One with how to and one to inspire! Sky K

  4. The two top title books look great, but I would suggest this one here also...
    I love combo / mixed media books!

  5. Actually...this on here is on MY wishlist!! Better than the previous one. Although this one here contains metal clay toggle clasps too... lol

  6. There is a book that's been on my radar for a while.
    SECRETS OF RUSTY THINGS: Transforming Found Objects into Art
    by Michael Demeng

    I love books that take you through the creative process and you get insight into how the artist thought patterns. On Amazon you can tour the book a bit and it is like reading his art diary with cool photos. It is something I have been waiting for a gift card to fall into my lap to purchase this one and now the price is good too.
    I am also coveting the making connections book. It is all so exciting. I love our journey and were our muses take us. Deb Groom

  7. Oh my gosh I need to spell check before I press send. I also need to get my Google account to recognize my ID so I don't have to send things as anonymous. I'd still dreaming of the right book for making polymer clay pieces with moving parts. What I do go to is a website called Instructables and it can tell you how to make almost anything. It is not a book so it doesn't quite qualify but it is a place to explore for many hours when you want to know how to make your components work together and do amazing things. Deb Groom

  8. I have the Wrap, Stitch, Fold, Rivet book and it is, indeed, very good. The Making Connections one looks very good too, although I haven't had a look through it.

    I have a book called Hot & Cold Connections by Tim McCreight. It has a lot of information in it, although not much in the way of projects. It is very useful.

  9. WOW that is a tough question. I like books by Christi Friesen. The 400 Polymer Clay Designs book looks amazing. For a talented artist like yourself it would be hard to 'pick' a polymer clay book. I think that Magical Metal Clay Jewelry by Sue Heaser would meet your desires. :)
    OK back to dreaming and surfing for more books for me.. Gail P

  10. FROM NETTONYA by email- she had a bounce and asked me to post- and that's perfectly fine!!

    I would think that the metal clay book would be my choice for you, as you have stimulated/piqued my interested in the possibility of creating silver or copper items I have "played" with! The only thing that might slow me down would be access to the proper kiln. But then again, with Nancy Q.'s interest, we could possibly find one together!

    Another possibility is for you to flip a coin and see what your reaction to the coin's "choice" would be. If you like the choice, that's the one you would get; if you don't like the choice, you would choose the other one! Either way, you truly get the book of your choice!


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