Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A decision after a set back and a matter of time.

I made two very cool pendants on Monday and torch fired them yesterday only to have them crumble afterwards. I'm diagnosing that at around 3/4 x1.5" they were too big. My tiny charm fired like a charm but I want to work with larger pieces. I'm going to set the metal clay aside and order a mini kiln. In the meantime I'm going to make some muses that may eventually pay for the kiln!

I've decided to get an Ultra Lite Beehive Kiln. I've contacted the manufacturer to see if there's a Canadian distributor.  Here's a  product review by Elaine Luther
* Update- the product is available in Canada from
a company in Ontario
(link removed- why give give advertising?) They are the only supplier in Canada but they sell this item in-store only and I'm a few thousand miles away! Why would they refuse a sale?... no clue- I'd have gladly paid shipping to support Canadian commerce. I've ordered from a US company.

I have a cool site to share today for those of you who, like me, lose their timers when items are firing in the oven etc. I discovered it when started torch firing and needed to count down 5 or 7 minutes.
 I'm using this online timer to remind me that things are ready to come out of the oven. Very handy.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this info. I've done a bit of Silver clay with a torch and also had accidents. This Mini Kiln will be the answer if I still don't want to invest on a regular jewelry kiln. The review is also very helpful.


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