Friday, February 4, 2011

A Torch for Firing Metal Clay?... not a good start

This was not a good start with torch firing copper.
I made a pendant with Prometheus Clay which is okay
for torch firing according to the demo on their website. 
I realised in the first minute of the prescribed 5 minute
firing session that my current  torch is going to have to
be replaced. The trigger has to be held manually as there's
no lock on it. My finger was throbbing! There was a flare-up
as the filler burned off but I didn't get the peachy glow.
After five minutes I dropped the pendant in cold water,
lifted it out of the water and it fell apart. This torch just didn't
get the heat up to the right temperature. I'm not ready to buy
an expensive kiln so I'm going to research one of those gas
stove top kilns... or? 
Any suggestions or sources
for something under around $150 Cdn?


  1. Hi Gera,
    I just saw this blog post and thought of you.


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