Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The First Two Days of the Helianthus Project

I started work on the new Muse yesterday by measuring the inside of my oven to make sure she'll fit! Her body will be 24" long and I'll add her head afterwards. I tried a new technique (for me) on the body by covering the clay with gold foil and spreading blue tones of pinata ink all over it. Then I added texture with some tuille. I test fired the foil with and without a translucent layer because I was concerned that the foil might come off without protection. After firing the translucent-free sample was fine- no shedding and a vivid colour effect. Today the body was fired and now I'm doing the first layer of sunflowers. Here's a detail.


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  2. Wow!!!! She is going to be beautiful. I LOVE the colours

    Hugs, Shy K


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