Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fishing and a Challenge with Large Polymer Clay Wall Pieces

I spent the whole day making fish and finished this frieze- it's 12x9". I plan to do a fish-themed vase today and begin the Fishing Boat Project.

The friezes thus far have been 4x4" up to 12x12" in size. Yesterday I finished a piece that was 14" wide and 6" high. I put eye screws in the back- one screw on each side and strung wire for hanging it but after it had been on the wall for a few hours the polymer clay "relaxed" with the warmth of the room and the piece bowed in the middle! I put the frieze back in the oven to get the warp out and I'll rethink the location of the screws. There may be a restriction to size and shape for pure polymer clay pieces that are in a hanging format. As I hope to gradually increase the size of the friezes I may need to construct some projects on a board for strength.


  1. wow, that is amazingly beautiful!

  2. If the screws were far from each other, it might have created a tension enough for the clay to buckle. Maybe you could try/test by putting the screws quite a bit closer together...
    great looking fish

  3. Hey Vio- that's what I did and it works perfectly- luckily the clay was think in the spaces where the screws went in- when i have this issue with a thinner section of clay I'll be back to the drawing board.

  4. Magnifique Gera!
    I just yearn for my visit each day to bask in your colourful world.

  5. What a beautiful piece, Gera! I love the shimmering colors. Well done.


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