Thursday, February 5, 2009

Evolution of Order and I'm Floored!

Today I had two main projects. First I began to reload the studio being careful to follow my new rule that if followed may help me maintain order :

Items coming into this space
must have a purpose and a place.

As items were cleared from the floor and order began to become apparent I had to face the music and get on my knees to clean the floor with my wonderful Goof Off Grafitti Remover. It smelled absolutely awful. Anyone who works with polymer clay will understand how dirty the floor was and how over the moon I am to have it clean again!
Here's the Before and After view.


  1. Wow...I'm floored too!! That was quite the project and looks like new! you must have good KNEES!

  2. Give yourself a BIG Attagirl! That musta been a smelly, hard on the knees, hard on the nose, long, job!


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