Friday, May 29, 2009

Polymer Clay and a Pile of Books

Today's offering is a 5x7 polymer clay on canvas creation called Georgia' s Apple Tree. A few years ago I was visiting my friend Georgia (iggy) at her home in Ontario- we were exploring her acreage which had been a working farm in bye gone days and we spotted a gorgeous old apple tree weighed down with fruit. Georgia made me laugh as she had no idea that the tree was there! Nice to have a huge property- people with more "modest" properties know every weed! I hadn't been thinking of that day as I did the piece but when it came out of the oven I remembered that happy time in a beautiful place with a wonderful friend.

Speaking of friends- I've never met her in person but like many other fans of her blog, I count Lisa Clarke as a pal. Her blog is always a treat and she has the most photographed toes I've ever seen. She's a creative powerhouse and I think she has some sort of secret portal to another dimension that gives her a 72 hour day. She recently devised a really fun Flickr group called Bookpile that challenges members to post a photo of the books that are currently firing your creative juices. There's an open invitation for membership at- . Here's my current book pile.

Moooi- an amazing magazine promoting a line of furniture. It arrived in my newspaper last year and it's a visual feast! Here's the website so you can share the inspiration- my magazine is full of arty photos featuring costumed models sprawled in the sorts of ways I suppose people do when they can afford very expensive furniture.
The Ladies No,1 Detective Agency Books- the art connection is that I LOVE the graphics in the credits of the HBO show. The music is fantastic too. After watching the first episode I went out and bought all nine books and read the whole collection! I'm waiting for the latest to come out in paperback. Find out about the TV version at the HBO website great video and music clips.
How to Fish the Pacific Coast- an old Sunset book from the fifties with wonderful descriptions of my area from bye gone days and terrific diagrams of fish which I use for getting interesting shapes for my fish motifs.

Finally- my current read- The Sealed Letter by Emma Donahue - I'm loving it. There's great writing, a historically-based plot with all sorts of twists and turns and one absolutely scandalous character that will make you cherish your friends forever! I'd count this one as upscale chip dip lit for your summer reading list.


  1. Nice to know there's a fellow No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency fan! I haven't read the books, but have promised myself the treat of them after my show season is over this year. I too love the title/credit graphics, which are colorful, funny and very bold. 'Can't wait for season 2.

  2. Wow, what a big pile of books you've got there :-) So glad you decided to play along!

    And, you know, if that 72-hour portal existed, I'd have a clean house. Haven't you ever wondered why all of my photos are closeups? Pan out a few feet and it's not quite so pretty. Heh.

    Thank you for the kind words about my blog - you're sweet!

  3. I love your interpretation of the landscape with the tree. Very creative. Do you think you can show the canvas pieces in a 3/4 view or a view from the side?

  4.'s a cool idea to do a view fronm a different angle, I'll try to do that for the next post!



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