Monday, October 19, 2009

Squared Beachstones from Vesuvius Bay...

I've begun what will be a long process of mixing clay to match the photos I'm using for a large mixed media canvas. When I'm in the mixing phase I like to make selections of BeachStones from the different coloured clays I come up with. I'm going to do a series of Vesuvius Bay BeachStone Bracelets and necklaces with this wonderful chunky squared effect as shown in the collection I gathered from this beautiful Saltsping Island Bay.


  1. I just dropped by after a long time. Your new work is really a delight. I will drop in more often.

  2. Without the context, anyone would swear they just came off the beach. Amazing

  3. oops, Debbie- these ones did come off the beach- the bracelet in the following post is the faux version. :-D



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