Thursday, July 28, 2011

Variations on A Theme

I went to Chicago last week and there seemed to be a continual theme at play- perhaps guiding me to a project later this summer.

While we were waiting for the cab to take us to the airport I was leafing through a back issue of FiberArts and found this image of a fascinating piece by Lyse Lemieux. I hastily bookmarked the page in the magazine and off we went.

Chicago was broiling in a humid variation of 100F which is a difficult for one who has been living in a rather chilly west coast where we have had a damp summer with temperatures in the 50s F. The stunning beauty of the city's architecture, the friendliness of its citizens, the gorgeous museums great shopping and effective air conditioning more than compensated for my frizzed hair and rumpled appearance.
My husband headed off to a baseball game and I meandered to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. The first sculpture I saw in the gallery gave me an inkling I should be on the lookout for "signs"- it's not what you look for it's what you find.
I headed into the Gallery and my first stop was the incredible  Eiko & Koma: Time is Not Even, Space is Not Empty Exhibition. As I turned the first corner here's what I saw....
It is out of context as it's part of a larger installation but I think you can see why I documented this!

After the three hints I had an idea in my head and was on the lookout for the idea of garments on a hanger. Of course a stroll down Michigan Avenues "Golden Mile" gave me lots of opportunities to see clothes on hangers- my favourite was Allsaints Spittlefields. The clothes are edgy and the store design stunning!

A block away from Michigan Avenue is one of my favourite stores anywhere- Anthropologie. I like the clothes the accessories and especially the warm rustic interior effect. The Chicago store is beautiful but the best version I've visited is the one in Seattle. Sorry- there's no photo- I was so caught up in trying on clothes I completley forgot to get out the camera!

Walking back to the hotel I saw Chicago's latest piece ouf outdoor sculpture. She was attracting a large crowd and much controversy but I like her! Not sure whether she is part of the  trail of inspirational hints but who knows!? She was in keeping with the temperature in the city- some like it hot!

The sketchbook is out and I'm playing with ideas based on these serendipitous hints.....but first I have to deal with a few orders for rings now that I received a long awaited shipment of bezels.

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