Thursday, January 5, 2012

a New Look

Welcome the the new digs! Yes- this IS aMused Studio. I like to re-invent the blog every year and this background is amazingly similar to what I see as I sit at my keyboard- blinds and reeds so it's a natural for 2012.
Along with a new blog I like to start the new year with a fun new dayplanner-  an old fashioned one that doesn't need a battery of any sort and is neither Apple or Android. (I do love my Samsumg Tab tho!) 
The year 1912 has always fascinated me- probably because of the Titanic so I chose this one to carry me through the year! 

My calendar indicates that today I should be packing for a weekend on Galiano Island. We hope to do a bit of kayaking if the weather is accommodating. I have a fully loaded Kindle- I'm currently reading the Night Circus. I'll also  take a few big plastic bags in the hopes that I'll haul in some kelp and other beach goodies that will work in basketry.
Monday is a start day for a huge polymer production push. I have to get a solid inventory of earrings and Fusions done in what is predictably a very quiet time in shops and galleries. Hopefully I'll have a nice stash of kelp drying as I work with the polymer. 

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  1. Hi! Happy New Year!!!Love your new look!!Have a great time hayaking and looking for new things.
    Greetings from Argentina


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