Friday, January 30, 2009

Diagnosis: Midwinter Blues

TodayI feel like the weather.
Overcast and predictable.
Midwinter Blues have struck..
I need a new sketchbook, watercolour crayons and a nice cup of tea.
Other suggestions for inspiration...?


  1. Gera,

    We've connected via OWOH (but who can remember with all these gazillion posts being sent around cyberspace?). I'm visiting you again because you commented on my taste in fiction. :) Yes, it does look like we have quite a few titles in common on our lists, specifically Water for Elephants and Time Traveler's Wife. Although, I must say, I've tried to get through The Blind Assasin and couldn't do it. :( Ok, so now that we know that for the most part we like to read the same thing, I'm revisting your artwork...

    Oh my! Such color! Such depth! I try to get those types of color in my handmade paper but can't get there with the pigments in the pulp so I end up painting the dry piece instead. It's still not as vibrant as your clay.

    As to the question of inspiration at this time of year, well, that's a toughy! How about a good book? :) Or, when I get stuck I leave my favorite medium of choice and try something new or different. That usually leads to new ideas in my main medium.

    Anyway, I love what you're doing and glad that a connection was made. Have a great weekend.

    Lorrie Grainger Abdo

  2. So sorry the blues have hit you, G. It's an awful feeling. Hope you'll get freshly invigorated quick! How about some tranquil music to go along while sketching.


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