Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to Polymer Claying with Springtime Inspiration!

Is it Wednesday already? Between The Inauguration and exploring One World- One Heart Blogs, my head is spinning!

Did anyone else notice the similarity between Dick Cheney and Mr Potter from It's a Wonderful Life? I expected Cheney to use his cane to clear a path in front of his wheelchair. One last offering to the Daily Show- what will they do without him?

I urge you to go to the OWOH site to explore some or all of the more than 300 participating blogs and remember to comment - you can WIN some incredible pieces of art or simply fantastic collections of ephemera or other supplies. I have a polymer clay pear tile in the draw so remember to make a comment before you go... creative people need exposure and encouragement. A little comment can go a long way for someone slogging in a lonely studio with many months before a show and the chance to have some feedback.

So now it's time for me to actually turn my eyes but not my ears away from CNN and reduce my OWOH visits to a few a day and get back to work with polymer clay. I have a Feb. 7th deadline for a portfolio photoshoot and I have my Leggy Bowl Workshop coming up at Horizons in Vancouver in February. As we will be using toaster ovens the workshop bowls have to be small scale but it would be good to show the possibilities a clayer can have with a full-sized oven so I'm going to make some larger bowls. It would be great to get some good photos of leggy bowls at the photoshoot too.

I may have some inspiration for one of the bowls here....

While walking up the road yesterday I spotted a chilly cluster of forsythias in bloom and this shower of snowdrops. Little signals of hope for better days ahead and an inspiration for art.

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