Friday, January 9, 2009

A sister blog- resolutions and hopefully a self fufilling prophesey

In following one of my four New Years Resolutions I have spent the last few days working on aMused Studio which is this blog's sister site. It's designed to show my work and upcoming workshops in a more concise way. I'll be adding photos of new work as the year goes on.... second resolution is to try to use less paper in my studio. It will be good for the environment and my financial bottom line.
The third resolution is to try do a daily post here. It won't neccesarily be polymer clay related but hopefully will serve as a spring board for the creative process.

Finally I'm going to try make the predictions mentioned in my 2009 horoscope from the National Post come true.... bring on the increased travel, prestige and recognition. Mmmm I better work on my fear of flying asap.

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