Saturday, January 31, 2009

Musings on Dilemnas During Studio Cleanout

I have a plan to unload this studio and edit as I go.
I visited numerous websites that offer strategies on decluttering.
We artistic types face deeper challenges here though. Consider the avalanche of dilemnas we face as we try organise a creative zone using a "mainstream" view of "stuff"- (these suggestions for decluttering are come from a variety of websites)

To declutter a space:

Ask yourself these questions:
Do I love it? Do I need it? Is it essential? Does it enhance my life?

Sort your things into 3 piles
Keep- Give- Toss

Start with the easy stuff, things that are clearly garbage: (sic)

Empty grocery bags
(but they are good for packaging items at shows!)

Plastic, glass or cardboard storage containers you might use someday
(hey- my glass bottles are not going anywhere! Look at the cool shapes- I've collected these for years! I paid $50 for that bottle of vodka just because of the shape of the bottle)-

Medication past its expiry date
(n/a- see above)
Coupons that have expired -
(n/a- Michaels coupons are used well before expiry-
btw- what happened to their sales on Premo?)
Clothing you haven’t worn in a year
(-non-issue in this space- my closet is for another day)

Toys your children have outgrown or no longer play with

Cosmetics that have dried up and you no longer use
("old cosmetics"- aka- "inclusions & pigments"
makeup bottle caps are super for shpe cutters )

Food that has spoiled -
(oops!- the mug of tea with a layer of mold on top is gross-
I didn't spot the cup under that pile of wool- so one mug is removed)

Food past its expiry date
(see above)

Broken items that aren’t worth repairing
- have you ever heard of mixed media or collage?
My rusty stuff collection is dear to my heart and
those wires and circuit boards aren't going anywhere!
Old take-out menus - see above
Old maps and travel guides -
see above
Broken or rusty tools -
see above
Bills that have been paid - see above
Old greeting cards - see above

Tax records that are past their retention date-
n/a my dh is an accountant- he has all that stuff in HIS office

Old magazines -
well, maybe some can go.... but not Polymer Cafe!
Books you no longer read - toss a book?! who wrote this list?

Shoes that are worn out -
if that means I can buy new ones there's no problem
there but the only shoes in the studio are on my feet...
Sports equipment you are no longer using -
Dried up paint and painting supplies-
ok- but only if it's dried up but then it may work as an inclusion....

Out dated household chemicals -
n/a- all my toxic supplies are current
Worn kitchen, bath and bed linens -
-used for wrapping polymer clay pieces being fired and all sorts of other applications

Plants that are dead or near dead -
I have one plant and it's healthier than me.

Hobby supplies that you haven’t used in more than a year
... apart from that hateful word "hobby" this is perhaps the best rule of all

Partly used candles
.... hmmm... batik may be fun to try....

Here's the studio at the beginning of day 2 of the cleanout - it's not aMusing...


  1. Love this post Gera. I'm with you all the rules for organizing and clean up don't pertain to a studio. Toss the rules and make up your own. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. OMG! You know there's nothing known as trash in the artworld! I totally understand how to make excuses for keeping things too.

  3. Yeah! That's how my creative space looks!!! This is a great post thanks for sharing.


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