Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking control of the process

The cyber and realtime versions of aMused Studio have been organised and tidied for the beginning of a new year. Tomorrow I'll get back to work with polymer clay.

There'll be two main projects. The first is to make a series of Leggy Bowls to have on hand at my workshop at Horizons.

The second project will be to assemble some tile collages and wall hangings. I thought that people at shows would enjoy selecting tiles to display in a composition on their walls. Thinking like a school teacher I made the booth interractive by backing the tiles with velcro and inviting visitors to mix and match and "have fun" on the display screen. As the show progressed I saw that many people became overwhelmed. One lady became so stressed that she actually left the booth- she explained that after walking through the whole show with all the crowds she wanted some tiles but trying to coordinate a set was too much for her to process. She was exhausted and had to go home. I felt better the next day when she came back and asked me to put a composition together for her. Lesson learned. What is fun for me may not be for someone else and people at a show want to shop- not "work".

I'll enjoy myself putting some groupings together and spare innocent shoppers the angst!


  1. Yep... my daughter, the classic undecider, will often just pick NOTHING instead of picking from an overwhelming selection.

    I think offering a little of each possibility will probably give the best returns. *I*'d love to go play with those tiles!

  2. Good lesson! LOL Thanks for passing it on. The tiles look delicious!


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