Monday, February 2, 2009

The Zen of Studio Organization- A Tomorrow Box

So it's established that an artist's studio is very difficult to purge. I did a bit more google research with a Feng Shui approach and found a few more ideas that are helpful. I especially like the Zen philosophy of a "Tomorrow Box"....this is a box for those items that you feel you "might" need at a later date. Place these items in the tomorrow box then tape it up and put it in an out of reach location. Make a note in your calendar to check it in a year.... if the tape is still in place after year- do not open it but "set it free". You apparently had no use for the items...with luck you'll have no idea what's inside. What a test of character not to take a peek. Maybe at that point you'll have a new tomorrow box to take its place and more room in the studio too!

This is not my "Tomorrow Box"... it's a Treasure Box- priceless

Here's the studio on the morning of Day 3.

The storage zone is clear, the work table and desk are the main focus today.

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  1. WOW that is a mega purge....I actually see 'space'! (to fill up that is, lol) Hey G...come over for a visit we have a few 'treasure boxes'. Our porch is definitely a haven for beach...err...porchcombers. We love that stuff!


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