Friday, February 6, 2009

Studio De-Cluttering & ReDesign is Finished! Time for Polymer Clay...or...?

It's all done! There is no "stuff" in here- everything has a purpose and a place. There's no sense of disorder to divert thoughts and ideas. I know where everything is and it doesn't need to be untangled before I use it.

Total materials cost- $42 for floor paint and 1 can of goof-off! Everything else was recycled from the house or hauled out of storage.

Here's my computer table. The printer sits on a higher cabinet and is much easier to use. The computer paper is stored in the cabinet instead of in the lazy susan which now actually has free space for incoming papers etc. I added a bulletin board for displaying some of my favourite ephemera & photos.
The worktable was moved to face the window- it's nice to see the garden outside as I work. Polymer clay and other supplies are in a shelving unit under the table- the wire basket drawer unit is on wheels and pulls out for easy access. Shelving with drop down covers goes along the wall and gives a long countertop. The floor is protected with a heavy duty vinyl office floor pad.
The storage area had the walls and floor painted. I have tools organized on a pegboard. The shelves and grid system display artwork. Art cards and production items are stored in bins on the shelves.

It's been a long week but time very well spent! It was an excellent cure for the mid-winter blues.

I'm ready now to consider what to do next. Between arguing with the definition of "tossable items", goofing-off the floor and searching for Zen in the midst of chaos I didn't have much time with that sketchbook. For the first time in a very long time my studio feels like a place for some creative contemplation.


  1. Remember this?...
    Zen Gera, your new studio is funtastic!! If I had a studio like yours, I wouldn't mind if I was locked up in it!
    Add Studio designer to your resume.

  2. i found your blog through the OWOH giveaway and bookmarked you so that i could come back and visit you again. here i am and what do i find but pictures of a gorgeous studio.i love your new studio space! it makes me want to spend my weekend putting mine into a new order.


  3. Ahhhh to be organized! Just a dream for me right now.

  4. Wow! Talk about inspiring!!!! This series has really made me WANT to clean my space!

  5. Good looking studio. Wanna come and do mine...I'm still thinking about it. Signed: the pro of crastination. he he

  6. oh what a beautiful studio i love it


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