Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Changing Pace

So here I am in an orderly space and trying very hard to maintain the ambience. Yesterday I caught myself about to toss clippings on the floor for some future sweep-up. I also amazed myself by clipping fibres directly into the trash can instead of onto my tabletop and floor. So far so good!

Now what? I have decided to make this year absolutely based on creating one of a kind items. It's a year of experimentation and new directions. I am currently working on what I hope will be the only production run of the year, it's a collection of buttons for swapping at Horizons.

A decision like this is very challenging. I'll have to practice my skills at saying "no". Someone at the photoshoot was aghast that I wouldn't be making Moxies any more, "Everyone loves them!" For me the thought of not having to do a production run of 45 moxies is blissful. The idea of never making another one again is very sad. Of course I'll make more but each one will be made as a single entity- I'll know that character. The Moxie concept may develop into something new and different. Maybe through that process I'll be able to move forward in my own creative development instead of parking myself on one concept because it sells well. The trick will be maintaining sales with carefully crafted labour-intensive items in a recession.

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