Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Polymer Clay Artists' Studio Re-Organization Continues- Day 4

Yesterday I painted the walls and floor of the storage area. The floor is covered with black gloss alkyld paint. It smells terrible and takes 24 hours between coats so once I put down the second coat this morning I'll be working outside of the studio.

I'd like to recline on the window seat with my laptop and a cup of tea and explore all the blogs in One World One Heart or follow all of the links in Polymer Clay Daily or better yet do a schedule write up for my 2009 Polymer Clay Workshops but today is the day I work on the phase of the studio redesign that I've been dreading the most. I actually have to tackle all of the boxes of stuff that have been stored in the area outside of the studio while I cleaned and moved shelving. Here it is-

There's a lot of stuff there. Each container is a confusing tangle of things. The container of rubber stamps is baffling. That box at the top contains a incoherent collection of texture sheets. Most boxes are loosely themed "This may come in handy one day"...

I will use sorting boxes (Garbage- Donate -Keep) and I will have a Tomorrow Box for those "in question" items. I have a foundation rule - no containers will return to the studio unless they are sorted, labelled and have a place to go.

This basket is organised with everything in place as it should be. Pure Zen.


  1. Love the photo of the cat.

    I'm a little confused. You are giving away a prize in the One World One Heart give away? I don't your post with that.

    I would love to be entered in your drawing if you are participating.

  2. I would have so much fun looking through all your items :P :P Wish I had a studio

  3. What a big job that is to reorganize a studio! Looks like you have things well under way. The hardest part always seems to be, deciding what goes where. You are going to love it when it is all done though and you may come across many items you have forgotten that will give you new inspiration!

  4. Ahhh... someone commiserating. I moved recently, and now have a room designated just for clay and office. I'm thrilled! However, most of the stuff was just 'moved' willy nilly. I'm still trying to sort, all within the same room. Why is this so tough? And 2 large boxes of 'undecided/get to soon'. Not good... ;o)


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