Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Polymer Clay in One World One Heart

The One World One Heart Event is coming into its final hours. In total there were over 900 participants! Visiting all the blogs and being able to thoroughly explore everyone's work is simply impossible. "Meeting" so many talented people who employ so many different materials and approaches is an incredible opportunity. The chance to win a fabulous selection of supplies or a stunning handcrafted item is an exciting bonus! I was particularily captivated by the possibilities I see with felting and so many of the artists from the altered zone had my head spinning in a good way!

Of course I had a special interest in finding polymer clay artists. We're a little under-represented and hopefully with some advance promo in our respective clay communities, polymer clay artists can blow the doors off the event next year! I do think the clayers participating have been wonderful ambassadors for polymer clay!

Next year I will be a lot more efficient in my explorations and keep better track of the sites I visited. Who knew it would go over 900? Here are a few of the polymer clay artists offering giveaways. I apologise to the many that I've missed I will add more as I relocate them OR email me and I'll add you. Take a peek and enter the draws while there's still time! The images shown here are the poly-prizes YOU could win - all you have to do is visit the clayer's blog and make a comment!


Sprite Bites

Sandy- Simple Inspirations

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm

Spirit Mama

Lady Artisan

Christine Alvarado

Vanessa Betcher

Tina Holden

Wanda Shum

and me!

Please email me so I can add to this list- also attach a jpg of your draw item.

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