Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Closing a Studio & Starting A Mixed Media Polymer Bowl

Lots going on in  aMused Studio these days- actually, the studio has been disassembled! Everything that is not currently being used for my current projects is in accesible storage in tagged and labelled bins. It's like having a large scale filing system. What remains is a pared down and very roomy workspace. Next week we're getting quotes to have this space renovated and my son will take over the area for his college years. My Studio will move upstairs to the main floor. We're all very excited about the project!

Work continues for me here, I'm still waiting for resin so I've been focused on BeachStone work. I do want to complete some larger projects through the year, perhaps sales of larger pieces will pick up as the economy improves. Today I began making a mixed media bowl. I found a super 13" glass domed light fixture at Home Depot to use as a mold. I'm planning to go back to my Leggy Bowl method and combime it with  silk collage. Here's the photograph I'll be using as the central image to build upon. I'll document the process through the next week or so.

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