Friday, March 5, 2010

A Polymer (or is it Polymer Clay?) Distraction- crafthaus

First of all- thanks for all the positive comments on the polymer clay and fibre necklace! Encouragement was timely as #2 is in progress. I have a pile of discombobulated beads and a pile of wool that I've strung and re-strung for a certain "look". There's a definite learning curve on these, all- squared beads isn't working, so a second  batch of round-ish beads is in progress. I'll be needing to order some interesting clasps too. Here's the work in progress- not ready for prime time quite yet. I do like the colours though!

I'm following the on-going "polymer" or "polymer clay" debate in various blogs - I am absolutely on the fence. As one who connects with the polycommunity online far more than in "realtime" the first thing that comes to mind is how much harder Google searches will be if people call their work "polymer" without the "clay". There'll be a lot more weeding out of sites from manafacturing and science websites. I think even the most die hard "polymer" advocate will add "clay" on a google search! From experience I know that saying  "polymer" alone is clearer and sounds more sophisticated at a show. There are far fewer "Oh you mean Sculpey, I used that in pre-school" comments. As I say, I'm sitting on the fence.

Finally, I joined crafthaus . I'm having a fantastic time exploring the work of some stellar artists in every media imaginable! I recommend a visit or an investment in membership. Warning- you may be distracted from hands-on work for a while but you WILL have a high octane dose of inspiration!  

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  1. I love your colors! I'm looking forward to seeing the progression of your work. Always a fun visit here. Best, Susan


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