Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Revisting the ethnizen concept.. polymer and fibre.

I first began to find my own "voice" with polymer clay a long time ago when I was at Long Beach and saw bull kelp on the shore and connected the formation with the idea of combining fibre and polymer clay. I began making wall-mount figurative sculptures/dolls that I called "ethnizens". I loved the textural interplay of fibre and polymer and the colour mixing to coordinate and match with the fibres was always a pleasure.  The skirts, hair and head-dresses of these rather haughty women were made with a cascade of assorted fibres and polymer and glass beads. ""Salmon Woman" (above) is a sample of one of my ethnizens but by the time I made her I had begun calling the women "Muses".
I was inspired to combine fibre and polymer clay in a wearable art mode after my inspiration explorating session on Saturday- here's the first "ethni'Zen Necklace". 

 This one is made with polymer beads and handspun and dyed wool from Pender Island. It's soft and drapey. It's interesting to twist it for different effects too. My storage drawers are full of gorgeous wool, these are a delight to make- I'll start another today.... here are the next colours....


  1. the necklace is a gorgeous the color and textures combo.

  2. I just love your new necklace Gera. It goes so well with your beachstones bracelets yet incorporates all that lovely fiber. I can't wait to see more.

  3. I've been following your exploration of your art with avid interest. And delight.

    The idea of combining fibers with polymer clay has been bumping around in my mind too, but not like yours. I couldn't quite get my ideas to a 'try it' point. Now I realize that I was trying to force the fabric part into to ridged a design part, and not let them flow as their nature wishes.... as shown in your beautiful work.

  4. Thanks everyone! Debbie- please be sure to let me see what you come up with!


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