Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some inspiration... Anne Marie Chagnon

The first time I ever saw Anne Marie Chagnon's work I hit the brakes and spent an hour  trying to decide on which piece to purchase to treat myself for my upcoming birthday (even though the birthday was  several months away).  A year later my husband went to Quebec City and without knowing I was a devotee, chose a second piece of her work for me! When I had my ears re-pierced this summer, the first pair of earrings I purchased to celebrate the event were a pair of Chagon's.

She uses metal, resin, rubber, wood, acrylics, glass and whatever seems to come to hand with genius. I'm sure a visit to her website will inspire you!


  1. Thanks for this link. Her work is amazing - I like the geometry of it all.

    PS. Your belt looks really interesting. The weaving through the stones and adding bits gives it an eyecatching complexity.


  2. I love the bracelet. So unique. I like your new work very much. Very inspiring!


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