Sunday, March 7, 2010

Polymer (clay) and Fibre Necklace- the exasperating experimentation continues

If this was MSN I'd type "ack!" and add a few frustrated emoticons. This necklace has a steep learning curve. The first one flowed beautifully. "R&D" (research and development) is often time consuming and crazy-making and I alway get this feeling that I'm getting behind in the race to chase my own tail. I spent half of yesterday working on the project before going outside with a book to read and reflect on the early spring weather and decide to officially begin delaying the garden weeding. While sitting there I realised what was wrong with the necklace- it's the wool! It's gorgeous mohair but the strands are very thin and when I double or triple strand them the fibres matt together in fuzzy tangles. There's also an unattractive droopiness too. The first necklace was made with thicker more stable handspun wool that could hold the weight of the beads.

So- here's the new colour selection with appropriate wool.

The saga continues.


  1. I love integrating wool into my mixed media projects but often find it fuzzes too. Lately I've been using silk yarn from Habu Textiles. If you've never seen their fibres check out the site.. its an amazing array of yummy yarns and mixed fibers.

  2. That's a great site Lisa- thanks for the lead....!


  3. The beauty of the square beads in your previous post seem a bit heavy for the necklace. But, the colors are so rich and powerful, I hope you continue in this vein. This necklace has certainly been frustrating for you. I understand how a project can take more from you than it gives back. However, your art is so lovely, you have given something wonderful in the form of this post to all your blog readers.


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