Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Forays with Polymer Clay

We are doing a spring cleaning here and as I rooted through various boxes I uncovered items that followed my first explorations with polymer clay! 

This is my first ever polymer clay project.  I was in art school and made a pair of earrings to match a painting I had in an exhibition. Here's one of the earrings, it's partner is missing. I had no idea about the cane concept then- it's assembled in a blob-technique.
I spent a couple of years making soap until I decided I preferred making the labels to making the soap. These were my Soap Stones... I would get a stone effect by grating different colours of cold process soaps then hand forming the rounded chunks  into stone shapes. I made the paper mache boxes by hand too. If you look very closely at the label on the box to the right, there's a tiny polymer clay bead hanging from the was at that time I began making polymer clay BeachStones" to hang from the tags...this led me to joining online polymer clay groups.

Along with soap in the 90s I was involved in paper arts and I went to the Alternative Artfest in Bellevue, Washington. I took a Gourd workshop with Gloria Skrovonsky and became hooked on gourd art. It wasn't long before polymer clay became the primary embellishment on the gourds and gradually I simply left the gourds behind.

Here's a gourd with a slab of stamped black clay highlighted with Rub n' Buff

I'm going to get back to the spring cleaning- it might take a while... full time claying commences next week.


  1. I've been cleaning out too. Amazing what it brings up to the surface! Love to see the progression of your artistic development.

  2. Oh Gera I loved reading this post about your polymer past! I am particularly a fan of the 'blob technique'. How cute is that?

    You have developed into one of the leading polymer clay artists with a very distinctive style and seeing your 'voice' show through, even way back then, is very inspiring!


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