Friday, October 22, 2010

Art Cards and Booth Building

Today I got to work organising art cards for sale at the show. I have several that have always been good sellers and I'm adding a few new ones including "Tea By the Sea" which was a 5x7 canvas that was sold at the Legacy Gallery last year. The cards are all printed and cut and  ready for gluing and putting in cellophane sleeves.

The next project was to construct the main section of my new booth. I am finicky about colour in my booth and I consider a coordinated backdrop to be essential. The drapes provided by the event display company are usually a grim grey and I plan to pump up the colour volume. My booth is an 8x10 corner so I only need to make two "walls". Instead of lugging  heavy grids to the show, this time I have decided to go light and simple. Using pvc piping and wooden dowels I'm making a frame from which I'll hang silky drapes. The structure will be supported by 3 market umbrella stands. I have a plan for displaying "hanging wall-art".  More next time! 

PVC Connectors and cut pipe hold the wooden dowels
Weighted Market Umbrella stands  hold the structure  securely.


  1. Gera I just love your 'Tea by the Sea' piece! Such a happy looking piece. Great idea using the pipes like that. I have so huge pegbord walls that I've used in several shows but are very heavy and awkward to set up. This type of thing would be awesome for shows where I didn't have help setting up, or if I wanted a much softer look to the booth. Very clever!

  2. Gera, thank you so much for the information on your display stand. Really made me think of how to construct a safe and secure booth.

  3. Gera, As artist we have to be "a jack of all trades" as you have demonstrated by your pictures. I was a visual merchandiser for twenty years, so I'm really picky about the way my booth looks also. There is such a fine line between having a nice looking simple booth, to emptying out your house to achieve it. Thanks for the ideas, Cindy


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