Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prepping for a Show

I will be in the Gifts for Myself and Others Show from November 12- 14 this year. We'll be doing set up on the 11th. I'm in overdrive getting work ready and as usual I'll be setting up my booth in the dining room before heading to the show. This way I can practice putting the set up together and noodle with display ideas. I always hope this will be stress reducer on the first day of the show but you always can come across weird unpredictable  problems on show day!

I blogged my booth development a few years ago and as the set up is completely new this year I plan to do the same again this year. My first decision was to get rid of the metal grid screens I've had- they are heavy and much too  burdensome to set up in a hurry. Check back soon to see the light weight alternative method I've come up with!

Today's pictures are of some of my new resin and silk pendants- the colour matching exercise is about as much fun as anyone can have without involving chocolate or martinis!


  1. Your new work is gorgeous Gera! Good luck with your sales in this upcoming show. Looking forward to seeing your new booth design and display ideas. You are such a creative girl, I'm sure they will be fantastic!

  2. C'est magnifique, ces créations sont sublimes!!


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