Thursday, October 28, 2010

The booth takes shape

The booth is built! Now it acts as a sort of second studio for organising the pricing and packing.

I solved the problem of how to display wall mounted work by covering peg boards with burlap and suspending them from the rails. The loose weave of the burlap makes it simple to insert hanging hooks. Here's a picture showing the set up.

I visited winners, the Canadian version of TJ Max and found these wire candle holders that double beautifully as an funky pendant hanger the photographs not as well as it looks in real life..

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  1. Your booth is taking shape real nice Gera. Love the brightly colored fabric! Funny thing how we almost went with a similar idea with the pegboard when we were planning out our home decor display recently and then switched gears and went with something different instead. Looking good!


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