Sunday, October 24, 2010

Booth Backdrop

I finished the backdrop for the booth in spite of my cat Shadow's "help". I purchased some silky apple green tab drapes which slide onto the upper dowel bars. I had to haul out my sewing machine to hem them. I left a  2" inch allowance on the hem so I can slide a dowel in the bottom of the drapes to secure them. All of the pvc connectors are held in place with some Plumbing Goop. 

The drapes before hemming and ironing.

Tabs on the upper dowel


  1. I enjoyed following the both deveopment 2 years and I'm enjoying it this time as well.

  2. I've never done anything with PVC piping, but this is very nice. I like it quite a lot.

  3. Your booth is coming along nicely Gera. Keeping your curtains up off the floor like that means you can use this set up outside as well. The channel for the dowel at the bottom is a very clever idea. I would not of thought to do that!

  4. I would call it more of a lime green, which is my favorite color. I think your work will go very well with this beautiful draping.


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