Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Starting to Pack!

I'm packing to go to Ontario to teach a two day Secretive Woman workshop at Georgia Ferrel's Beek's Lane Studio in Godfrey Ontario http://www.beekslanestudio.com/ . It's going to be wonderful to "meet" Georgia (aka iggy) and so many other friends that I've known for many years through Clayamies!

I love teaching this class. There's a certain magical colour event that always happens fairly in the process and then the fantastic moment when the woman's personality suddenly appears in the last few hours of the course! There are also weird unexpected things that can happen too- like the time a Secretive Woman fell over on the oven element and we had to scramble to repair her- happily it all worked out. There's ever a dull moment!

Here's one of my favourite Secretive women. Her name is Guenlillian. She is usually my teaching assistant for workshops but she's so fragile after all her travels that I decided to leave her at home. I'm taking a partially completed understudy to take her place. Just as well, Guenlillian would have insisted on a seat in business class at the very least!

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  1. Have a safe trip Gera! Georgia told us about the class but I was unable to make this one, hope you'll come back East again :)


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