Friday, February 26, 2010

Attacking the Polymer Clay Worktable... Artisans and the Olympics and one last shout out to Synergy

I'm home again after our getaway and after having work accepted into a new gift shop, re-opening my Etsy Shop and submitting an application to a three day show in November I am inspired to get to work! The frightening photo shows that I need to get this work table tidied up- and ORGANISED I'm challenging myself to post the after photo before noon today! I have to be careful though, last year I did something like this and ended up emptying the entire studio and doing a complete overhaul...I'm too busy to take an entire week off for that.
Many artisans and gallery owners had high hopes for sales during the Olympics but I'm sad to say that the Olympics haven't seemed to help sales for artisans- my main place for sales in Vancouver which is in a prime location on Granville Island (where all that lovely Swiss fondue is being prepared) has had sales drop 28% this month. A large artisans' venue in a downtown location has vendors who are struggling to cover booth costs and may close. Off-shored mittens, scarves and other mass produced items are selling out.

I'm still hoping that someone at Synergy might get word of my little request for that photo of Arbutus on the wall in the exhibition and send me a jpg... guess I should have done a shout out a lot earlier! Here's the link if you want to see what I'm talking about!
11:48 am- worktable is tidied and organised and I'm set to work- i even got some tulips as a reward to myself.... they're red - Canadians know why!

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  1. I couldn't believe you got your polymer clay work area cleaned and neat in no time at all. I've been purging and cleaning all week long, or so it seems.

    I really love your polymer clay creations, including your beach stones. Everything you make is so creative. I'm a polymer clay wanna be, my main focus being paper craft and mixed media. Each day I spotlight a blog on my blog. Tomorrow (Feb 27) I'll be featuring yours.


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