Monday, March 15, 2010

Crackle Technique Polymer and Resin Pendant- on Etsy

The resin and claywork continued through the weekend. I'm absolutely hooked. I love the way the colours light up and background textures are magnified. I am going to have to stop for a while because I ran out of resin. My new big 6 oz bottle is on the way from the States but it will have to go through Customs Canada so who know how long I'll have to wait.. I've also ordered a nice UV curing unit because the set up I rigged with my OTT light takes too long and is subject to my Studio cat who likes to jump on top of things that look "important".

Here's the last Crackle one I made before the bottle went dry. It's currently for sale in my aMused Etsy Shop.


  1. This is a gorgeous pendant..and thank you for showing me the polymer clay face in the style of Chuck Close..its amazing what can be done with polymer..! have a great day..!

  2. I have just recently got hooked on UV cured resin and polymer clay. I have been working with a product called UltraDome which is way cheaper and works beautifully. (UltraDome is $31 for 8 oz and MagicGlos is $50 for 6oz.)

    Finally got a UV light yesterday and can't stop playing with the stuff. There is so much potential with combining these products. I am totally excited!!

  3. Thanks for the tip Cindy- I located a wholesale source for Magic gloss for $30/6 oz but the Ulta dome sounds great... ahhh for a Canadian source.



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