Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Polymer Clay Mixed Media Bowl Underway

My new glass ceiling light mold is wonderful, it gives a graceful form to work with. I wish I had been able to purchase the glass alone but this one was perfect so I ended up having to buy the entire fixture. I'll put it down to a long term $20 investment. I used scrap polymer clay for the starting layer and here's the first stage of the bowl.

By the end of the day Serendipity put her oar in my water. My original colour scheme went off the rails because my printer decided on a different colour interpretation than my laptop screen. I'm used to this though, colour mixing never starts until I have the fibre/fabric ingredients selected. I had a session of clay prep and by day's end I had the basis of the interior of the bowl underway. A tip if you want to make a bowl using a similar process- always fire a polymer clay bowl with support, simply place the piece in or over the mold- this will prevent heartbreaking collapses.

The work day ended with an a-Ha! moment that resulted after a rummage in my treasure box and the retrieval of this stunning chunk of rust.

To be continued.....


  1. Gera this project is looking vey grand! The lovely bit o rust makes me think of a boat or ship. Looking forward to the next stage in this creation.

  2. haha, before I saw Vanessa's comment, thought the same, the rust looks like a boat. Yes, looking forward to the progress.
    How big is this bowl?

  3. Hi Tian- I see the boatishness but it will lose that effect when I'm done. The bowl is about 10" across and 3" deep- that will change too!


  4. Fascinating post--I can't wait to see the continuation!


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