Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Current Projects and Shout Outs

Resin work continues -I ran out of Magic Glos and now I'm using Magic Dome. I have a bottle of Gel du Soleil on order and after trying each, I'm going to do a consumer review of the three products so if resin interests you, stay tuned. It's very interesting how different the products are and there's a learning curve for each- no pun intended.

I have a new "large" project underway- it's a lantern that was very much inspired by

and Sylvie Peraud, who was featured in Polymer Clay Daily.

This project requires a long session of beachcombing and the windstorm last week may have left some good materials for me! 

And my last shout for today- I was invited to join Voila! what a breathtaking site- Christine is featuring Canadian artists this week!


  1. I shall be very interested in the results from your resin trials - I am assuming they are all UV curing resins? MagicGlos is the only UV curing one that I have tried.


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