Sunday, April 18, 2010

Polymer Clay Lantern #2

First of all- THANKS to all that complimented the prototype lantern in the previous post! I think that it may have been a good photo- the up close and personal view is a little rough. Maybe I should make prints of that piece- they may sell like hotcakes! Anyway, to appease you, I'll display the lantern  in the studio on a shelf rather than in a box somewhere with all the other prototypes. :-)

Lantern #2 is well underway, as I twrite this, it sits in the oven for the second of what I expect will be four total firings. The photo will be used as a section of the lantern "landscape". It was taken at Point No Point on a rainy day in January.

After breakfast I'll be heading back to the beach to "shop" for sticks. Who needs Michaels?


  1. I liked lantern #1 and can't wait to see #2. I also like where you shop :)

  2. I loved the prototype too. Perhaps you might put it away for a bit, then get it out - with new eyes you might appreciate it like we did.

    And maybe the beachcoming/Who needs Michaels' is also why your work resonates so much with me - I used to live near the ocean.. and always loved to see what the waves deposited on the beach. Even more so after a storm. And the places where the currents get caught in an eddy, or the tidepools were always treasure troves.


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