Thursday, July 1, 2010

Further notes on the "LEM" UV Oven....

I've been using my home-made resin curing oven for a few days now and have found a few adjustments I can pass along- the cupboard shelf I used raises lights about 5"/12cm from the resin and that may reduce the speed of curing- similarly- the plastic cover on the ballast that makes the fixture look "attractive" affects the efficacy of the lights, so it should be removed. bare bulbs are best. Here's the LEM in action with a celluloid food container weighted with water  acting as a riser. A wire rack from a long defunct toaster oven is the base for my glass sheet.


  1. Great tip! The great thing about the 'distance' from the light is that you can adjust between the varying thicknesses of projects such as the canvases and jewelry. Maybe that ballast can also be partially wrapped in reflective material? There is that great sticky window tape that has mirror on one side so outsiders can't peek into your window, but you can look outside.

  2. Love the lamp and its tweaks Gera! You remind me of the Red Green Show only WAY classier! LOL Will have to tell my folks to pop by and check out your idea. Many clayers don't have the money for the more expensive lamps and this is a great solution!


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