Monday, June 28, 2010

At Home in the New Studio- bring on the polymer clay!!

The studio transfer was competed yesterday with the installation of a light fixture. even with three 100 watt bulbs inthe new fixture, I'm still supplementing lighting with desk lamps. I'm getting used to walking from the kitchen into the new space rather than clunking down the basement stairs. The two-desk system is working very well so far and I find my mindset for sweeping stuff onto the floor is different when I'm in a finished room rather than a semi-finished basement.

The room itself is lovely. It has high ceilings, a funky Victorian fireplace that was purchased in an auction by a previous owner- it's non-functioning but looks super when a row of candles are lit in it. The LEM UV Resin oven  (patent pending lol) sits beside it to add an eclectic accent to the decor.

The original 1911 windows are gorgeous and are framed by a wisteria that is trying to fnd a catch-hold in the room. I'm always baffled that one of the windows is painted shut. Why anyone would paint windows shut is beyond me- we have three windows in this condition - I'll have to get a professional to repair them as my attempts have been futile. (I digress- grrrrr)

Shelving is vital in the space- I have supplies and stock in several dozen rubbermaid bins and a very handy IKEA storage unit.
As you can see by the work on my "mess-desk", the space is functioning and today I'm going to do a batch of crackle resin earrings then begin a series of lanterns... where did I put the polymer clay?


  1. I'm impressed Gera ! Looks like a wonderful space to work in. Also your UV resin construction is very clever - maybe you should patent it.

  2. Congrats Gera on getting your space together so quickly! I really need to do a similar thing myself and am quite envious. Loving the 'LEM UV Resin Oven"! A great way to get around the size issue you were having with your canvases. Now go find your clay... there's art to be made! :-)

  3. I love the fire place. Very William Morris. You made quick work of the move. You are an inspiration!


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