Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pausing to Organise- An annual ritual

When I returned home from the encaustic and vessel workshop I was revved up to get to work right away but when I walked into the studio my energy drained as I surveyed the state of chaos, especially in my storage boxes and drawers. 

On an impulse I began dumping entire containers out on the rug for a dramatic sorting session. It took longer than I thought. I have spent over a week tossing the equivalent of two garden sized garbage bags out but more importantly most materials worth keeping and sorted into appropriate places. Materials that relate to processes that I don't intend to revisit are being sent to the basement in storage bins. Last time I did this I had a huge online sale but this time I found that I have spent a year accumulating things that are worth keeping. I am looking at an assortment of books relating to metal clay that may go to Etsy or eBay.

Several items of furniture were sent to basement storage- they will go to the beachfront cottage I intend to buy when I win the lottery. Someone please remind me to buy a ticket for that!

Tables from my craft show booth supplies were brought up to function as workspace. A good purpose as I (think)  have decided not to do any more craft shows. Time will tell.

My new wax station is the finishing touch!

 curtains conceal storage containers

My wax table


  1. The studio looks really good Gera!

  2. I'd love to visit you and play with your wax! lol Seriously...encaustic that the same as beeswax? Anyway, your studio looks fantastic!


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